The Abunayyan Story

Since our founding in 1950, we have created and invested in a portfolio of companies engaged in the power and water sector, led by the ethos of providing empowering solutions.

  • Abdullah Abunayyan introduces diesel-powered turbine pump to the Kingdom.Saudi Arabia establishes Ministry of Agriculture, which began distributing uncultivated land free of charge to farmers.

  • Abdullah Abunayyan Establishment founded.

  • Saudi Arabian Agriculture Bank set up to extend long-term loans for agriculture projects.

  • Saudi Arabia’s government begins restructuring agriculture sector, converting vast areas of desert into farmland to promote domestic food production.

  • Saudi Tumpane Company established.

    Saudi Arabia builds its first grain silos.

  • Middle East Agriculture Company.

  • Saudi Arabia becomes self-sufficient in wheat.

  • Saudi French Company is established.

  • A. Abunayyan Electric Corporation is established.

    Conversion of Abdullah Abunayyan Establishment to a limited liability company and A. Abunayyan Trading Corporation is established.

    United Food Company (UFC)

  • Saudi Berkefeld Limited is established. In 2001, becomes Water & Environment Technology Company (WETICO).

  • KSB Pumps Arabia

  • Saudi United Company (ECO)

  • Electronic & Electrical Industries Corporation (EEIC)

    Abunayyan foresees privatization of water and power sectors in the Kingdom and vision for ACWA Power International unfolds.

  • Industrial Instrumentation & Control Systems (IICS)

  • Saudi Arabia privatises desalination water production and power generation sector.

    ACWA Power is established.

  • Citiscape established in the United Arab Emirates.

  • ACWA Power starts operations at the world’s first self-contained barge-mounted desalination plants

    Citiscape completes landscaping Atlantis hotel in Dubai.

  • Saudi French Company becomes Arabian Qudra. Wetico recognized globally for barge-based desalination project. ACWA Power starts operations at the first independently operated and financed water and power project in Saudi Arabia, the Shuaibah IWPP.
    ACWA Power makes first foray abroad by buying stake in Barka 1 Independent Water & Power Project in Oman. Citiscape completes Formula One Circuit Abu Dhabi.

  • ACWA Power starts operations at the Jubail Independent Water & Power Project.

    ACWA Power starts operations at the Shuqaiq Independent Water & Power Project.

  • Saudi King unveils $130 billion stimulus plan for the local economy.

    Citiscape completes first phase of King Abdullah Road.

  • Saudi Meters Company is taken over by Abunayyan Holding.

    Wetico named as 13th largest desalination provider in the world by the International Desalination Association.

  • Citiscape due to complete work on King Abdullah Financial District.

More than sixty years ago, at a time when Saudi Arabian farmers irrigated their lands using camels and other livestock to extract water from wells, Abdullah R. Abunayyan introduced the first ever diesel-powered turbine pump to his country, forever changing the way agriculture is practised in Saudi Arabia. Thus the company found its earliest beginnings in March 1950.

With little capital and no financial support, self-made entrepreneur Abunayyan boldly departed from his family’s successful merchant business to work in agriculture irrigation. Encountering widespread local scepticism and little promise of financial return, he refused to allow these vulnerabilities to override the potential scope of his revolutionary contribution: he gave each of his customers a three-year money-back warranty on their pump purchase.

Two decades later, Abdullah turned his attention to improving the living standards of the population. He introduced the first pressure-regulated pump for residential use, transforming the practice of depending on gravitational pull for water to trickle down from the roof tank and out of the tap.

Since then, the aspiration to add value locally has motivated the company to diversify across the entire water and power value chain. More than a dozen Strategic Business Units – including wholly owned subsidiaries, joint ventures with leading multinationals, and home grown partnerships with other conglomerates – have been created to provide empowering solutions predominantly in the water, power and oil and gas sectors. Abunayyan Holding focuses on developing local, integrated solutions: each Strategic Business Unit is highly specialised in a particular competency, which can then be mobilised jointly with other units in the company’s portfolio to develop a specifically tailored and locally solution.

Its uncompromising values – serving the customer, honesty, reliability, and adaptability – form the backbone of Abunayyan Holding to this day as the company continues to grow in Saudi Arabia and beyond in the MEA region.