Vision Abunayyan Holding relentlessly pursues to be the preferred strategic partner providing innovative solutions by passionate & talented teams in Water, Power, Oil & Gas and Construction industries across Middle East & Africa

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Since its inception, Abunayyan Holding has continued to identify new areas of opportunity for growth as it strengthens the presence and penetration of its Strategic Business Units and establishes itself as a trusted solutions provider for the specific water and power demands of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East and Africa region.

As the focus of the Middle East and Africa’s water and power challenge shifts increasingly to the conservation of finite natural resources, the company has diversified into areas such as water resources management and water and wastewater recycling. The next milestone for Abunayyan Holding involves introducing and developing technologies focused on maximising water and energy resources in the Middle East:

  • Abunayyan Holding seeks to foster the use of solar power as an alternative clean energy resource for power generation.
  • Abunayyan Holding plans to partner with leading technology companies to manufacture strategic components used by the water and power sectors to enhance efficiency.
  • Abunayyan Holding is pursuing investments in the development of local technologies that sustain water resources and yield high-value products.

Focus on Saudi Arabia

Abunayyan Holding continues to focus on Saudi Arabia in order to play an integral role in the Kingdom’s on-going development. The government has announced investment plans to build new cities, expand transport infrastructure and develop industries that will create jobs for our youth. Such large-scale expansion will require highly efficient water and power facilities to ensure the long-term viability of projects. Abunayyan Holding, which from birth has focused on serving local needs, is optimally positioned to contribute expertise, innovation and the best technological solutions to its home market.

Expansion in the MEA

Using its extensive experience in Saudi Arabia, the Arab world’s biggest economy, Abunayyan Holding seeks to capitalise on its core competencies by identifying prospective markets and sectors in the Middle East and Africa. Growth in the region is being fuelled by income from hydrocarbons and a young population, and Abunayyan Holding can add value to the region’s water and power sectors through its innovative solutions to similar conditions and challenges faced in its home territory.


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