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Sales Communities of Practice (SCOP) Event Held in Riyadh

Published on Aug 10, 2017

The kick-off event for Abunayyan Holding’s “Sales Community of Practice” (SCOP) was held on the 14th of June in Riyadh.

Sales Communities of Practice (SCOP) Event Held in Riyadh

The kick-off event for AbunayyanHolding’s Water and Power Sector“Sales Community of Practice” (SCOP)was held on the 14th of June in Riyadh.Bringing together the leadership and sales teams of all AHC W&P 12 SBUs,the event was geared towards introducing the concept of COP to the team and encouraging cross organizational boundaries collaboration between business units. SCOP also focused on cultivating the COP culture through introducing collective component of the reward scheme presented by AHC HR. The AHC W&P SCOP is a critical and strategic step towards capitalizing on each other’s strength, sales reach and market intelligence of all Abunayyan Holding companies thus sharing opportunities and customer relationship management.The event highlighted the importance of working together in a structured manner to share client databases, jointly pursue opportunities, link sales teams and ensure extensive follow-up through this informal community platform. Going forward, SCOP aims at developing an extensive record of clients, contacts, projects, data and notes to facilitate SBU sales teams and ensure Abunayyan Holding mobilizes its resources across the company effectively for maximum results.Attended by Mr. Khalid Abunayyan, the SCOP meeting was also a great employee engagement opportunity with the session followed by a team Iftar and several activities including bowling and an entertainment show.

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